WordPress plugin updated: Block Top Spammers (0.5)

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  1. Hi, I want to translate your plugin into belorussian language. Please tell me Your email, simply answer me.

  2. Martin,

    I love the plugin. I have only just installed it and already I have 3 IPs addresses in the deny list for the wp-comments-post file. I guess you already know, but the URL referenced in the 404 page on your blog comes up as “under construction”. I guess there is not a lot you can say to someone who is the source of spam, unless you can recommend a good spam-bot solution for the ones who are innocent victims.

  3. I felt the 403 page needed a link, and then I haven’t gotten around to posting anything there. It gets extremely few hits, so I have no rush.

    Thanks for using the plugin.

  4. Great Plugin. Though i am currently using Akismet and it’s really awesome.
    Just Downloaded, will use it later on.

    Anyways Thanks for sharing.


  5. @Dev: this is not meant to be a replacement for Akismet. In fact my plugin won’t work without another anti-spam plugin and I highly recommend Akismet.

  6. There seems to be something wrong with your plugin… I am a WordPress developer and Systems Administrator. I have a client with a pretty large community (about 5000 uniques a day). They have to deal with tons of SPAM; 200-400 messages a day.

    One of their administrators of their site installed the Top Spammers plugin and once or twice a day it was causing Apache/PHP to OOM and bring down their server. I think it has something to do with the way you block access to the wp-comment-post.php file and how PHP reacts. Contact me and I can send you the error logs and more information.

    I haven’t had time to really go through the plugin, so I am not sure what might else be causing the issue.

    Thank you.
    Lew Ayotte

    P.S. They are on WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.3


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