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FileMaker DevCon is coming up in Phoenix, Arizona this Sunday thru Thursday, July 13-17. Whether you’re at DevCon or not, listen in or call in to the FileMaker Files @ Devcon Live, the first live internet radio program coming to you directly from any FileMaker Developer Conference with live guests, FileMaker trivia, interviews and live two-way talk. Go to to listen: Monday, July 14, and Tuesday, July 15, 1pm-2pm Mountain Standard Time, U.S. – Hopefully the shows will be available for download for those who won’t be able to tune in live (like me).

FileMaker Pro uses Xalan (Xalan-C) as its built-in processor for XML imports and exports. That means you can use some EXSLT extensions in your import/export XSLT stylesheets. I find the nodeset-function particularly useful.