Ways to support Ten Fingers And A Brain

Writing software and writing about software can be great fun. Open sourcing it can be even better…

What really drives me is feedback from the readers of my tech articles or from the users of my software.

Here’s a list of ways you can show your support:

  • Leave a comment on my blog posts or on the project and plugin pages
  • Link to my blog posts or software from your own blog, and let me know about it
  • Like my site, my project pages, or my blog posts on Facebook
  • +1 me on Google
  • Tweet about my blog posts or software projects
  • Follow me on Twitter:

Buttons for the social networking sites/features are on every page.

Financial Support

Here are three cool ways to send me money:

  • Through micropayments – either by flattring a blog post or software project you like using the buttons on the posts and pages, or by flattring me here:

  • If you like to give more using flattr.com: Donate
  • Through Paypal, where you can use credit cards and various other payment methods: