Numerical Facebook User IDs

You can find out the numerical ID of your Facebook account by just looking at your profile link or by using the Graph API of Facebook.

Some profile links just contain the numerical user ID, e.g.
with 620003169 being the ID in this case

If you have your name in your profile link, e.g.
you can retrieve the user object in JSON format by replacing the “www” with “graph”, i.e.
resulting in output such as this:

   "id": "620003169",
   "name": "Martin Lormes",
   "first_name": "Martin",
   "last_name": "Lormes",
   "link": "",
   "username": "martinlormes",
   "gender": "male",
   "locale": "en_US"

The JSON data always contains the numerical ID, see my user ID highlighted above.


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