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So I’ve been playing around with Google+ for a little. And then +Lars Becker actually made me “Send feedback” to Google… seems that they have a little problem with their privacy settings:

If you hide who’s in your circles from your profile page, but then post something to a circle, people can click on the word “Limited” above your post and see a list of people who you’ve shared this post with, i.e. a list of the people who are in your circle(s).

If you’re on Google+ please click the “Send feedback” in the bottom right corner and let Google know so they can fix this ASAP!

If you want to add me to your circles, here’s my profile: +Martin Lormes (get used to the “+”!)

BTW: +Lars Becker also made the point that given enough posts to varying audiences one could even find out who’s in what circle (except for the names of circles, but the groups will be self-explaining I guess).

All new Bento

Over a week ago FileMaker, Inc. announced a new product called Bento. It came as a surprise to many. In retrospect there may have been a few hints, but neither I nor anybody else I talked to interpreted them correctly. Or I over-rate things now. – Anyhow:

Geoff Coffey of Six Fried Rice has reviewed Bento. I haven’t given Bento any priority and I’ve been busy doing other things. Now I finally managed to read most of Geoff’s review (i.e. without watching his videos) and rather than going to the time and effort of writing one myself I’ve decided to just point everyone there.